Entering a foreign market can be one of the most exciting stages in developing your company. A successful international expansion will open up new opportunities, unlock growth potential, and increase revenue streams. At the same time it can proof to be one of the most challenging endeavors.

Taking your business globally – especially to a market with strict laws and regulations – will have a great impact on management decisions, business processes and even company culture.

NORM FINANCE will support your company’s international aspirations by identifying entry strategies, navigating the legal landscape, and setting up country-specific financial administration.

Business setup services Dutch market

When doing business in the Netherlands it can take some time to adjust and find your way. Whether it is a corporation with international bearings or a startup with huge growth potential, a good start will help your company thrive.

Starting a company comes with a variety of questions. Which regulations should the business comply with? Which legal form suits your business best and what are the effects of that choice on aspects such as liability and tax obligations?

NORM FINANCE will help you to understand how to do business and will act as a reliable business partner. A good start is key. We can assist you to start and maintain a smooth-running business, so no legal obstacles suddenly appear.

With our team of dedicated professionals with broad international experience, industry specific knowledge and access to advanced software tools, we support your local operations so you can focus on running your business.

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NORM FINANCE supports your company’s international ambitions and will act as a reliable business partner.

Raymond van der Weide - Senior Manager Rembrandt Corporate Services

Raymond van der Weide

Senior Manager