NORM FINANCE is the one-stop-shop for a wide range of financial, legal and tax compliance services.

With our experienced team we are the trusted partner for small and medium-sized enterprises, real estate investors and private equity firms.


Our services

SME Services

As a business owner you want to outsource accounting and compliance to a reliable business partner to be able to focus on your core activities.

Accounting Services

Your company is growing, but hasn’t reached the stage of having an internal finance and accounting team. Or perhaps your internal accounting team needs new insight? Outsourcing your back-office will free up valuable time and resources.

Fund Services

NORM FINANCE provides tailor made periodical reports suited to your specific needs and compliant with the standards provided by Invest Europe and the guidelines of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).

International Expansion

NORM FINANCE will support your company’s international aspirations by identifying entry strategies, navigating the legal landscape, and setting up country-specific financial administration.

Real Estate Services

By finding the right partner to support you with the day-to-day, back-office operations of your real assets investments, you can focus on your core activity: generating returns for your investors and identifying new opportunities.

Business Setup Services

Taking your business globally – especially to a market with strict laws and regulations – will have a great impact on management decisions, business processes and even company culture.

Legal Services

Running a successful enterprise means taking care of your corporate legal housekeeping. Legal advice, tailored to your corporations specific goals and strategies will prove invaluable in every stage of development.

Tax Compliance

Complying with local tax laws and accounting regulations can be a challenge. Staying informed on constantly changing tax developments can put a strain on internal finance and accounting departments.

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What does your enterprise need?

NORM FINANCE revolves around the question: “What does your enterprise need?” As your business evolves, so will the challenges it faces. Having a trusted partner with the specialized knowledge you need can be invaluable.

With over 10 years experience in financial and accounting services, legal administration and international expansion, NORM FINANCE provides support for established corporations and SME’s and Start-ups in any industry.


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